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Your personal guide to prepare you and your family for a deeply nourishing, restful, and peaceful first 40 days after birth.

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Meet Shelley Rahim
Learn more about my virtual postpartum caregiver support service and see how I can help prepare you and your family for a wonderful postpartum time.

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About your Guide - Shelley Rahim

I’m a Postpartum Caregiver, Postpartum Chef, and Birth Doula, and I’ve been caring for mothers, babies, and families since 2007. My job is to ensure that mothers are nurtured, nourished, and well cared for during their journey into motherhood.

Years of experience caring for new mothers after birth has enabled me to develop a thorough, efficient, and deeply nurturing method. I know this method works because I care for families who cherish their postpartum time. When new mothers are well-cared for, they don’t get postpartum depression—or even the baby blues! Yes, there will be challenges, but these challenges can be overcome with the proper support, allowing the parents to emerge stronger, wiser, and more confident.

There are so many moments during the postpartum time filled with love, joy, and discovery… and it’s these moments will stay with the family forever. With me as your postpartum mentor and guide, I will do everything in my power to ensure that this will be your experience as well.

With my one-on-one virtual guidance and methodology in place, you and your family will learn why high-quality postpartum care is so important, what to expect, and most importantly, how to provide high-quality, loving care to a postpartum mother.

How it works

Explore the Modules

Module 1

Foundations Of Postpartum​

To provide high-quality, nourishing care for the new mother, it is helpful for the family to understand why this type of care is so important. In this three-part series of live Zoom classes taught by Shelley Rahim, you will understand the healing process thoroughly and how to provide loving support. Because this is a private class, there will be plenty of live discussion and time for questions and answers. This is also when we will get to know each other and build our relationship.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Here’s what you’ll receive as part of my methodology:

After learning about the importance of high-quality care during the postpartum time, you and your family will feel extra motivated to prepare your heart and home for an amazing first 40 days of parenthood!

Module 2

Preparation + Tasks

I tell all my clients this: 90% of postpartum success is in the preparation.

You will receive task lists and checklists helping you create infrastructure for high-quality nourishment and care. It is of the utmost importance that you are well-prepared and organized. This module includes every little detail because the love lies in the details!
You will receive a checklist for every area of preparation:
Virtual Postpartum Caregiving Support

Module 3

On-Call Support​
After you have completed all your tasks and reached your 38th week of pregnancy, I will be on call for you. You can ask me about caregiving during my office hours through the first 40 days postpartum.
I will be able to answer questions you have about feeding the mother, supporting the healing process, belly binding, baby care, birth story listening, and more!
Shelley Rahim Postpartum Couple

Module 4

Closure and Celebration
On your 40th day postpartum, we will have one final Zoom call creating closure and celebrating the completion of your first 40 days of parenthood!
It’s always such an honor to witness families emerge from their incredible journey healed, rejuvenated, and overflowing with love and joy!
Caregiving is LOVE-giving. The act of nurturing our loved ones builds relationships and has the potential to create deep bonds between the giver and receiver.
The skills you and your family will learn during your time with me will not only help you care for the new mother in your life, but anyone with health issues. Nurture skills are life skills. When thoughtful caregiving is embodied by both the giver and the receiver, it stays with them forever. They can easily give this same type of love to others in their lives.

It would be my honor to be your trusted guide on this incredible journey into parenthood!

Client Love

Hear how Shelley’s virtual clients benefited from the program and went on to pay it forward. This family learned how to give the mom and baby exquisite postpartum care. Six months later, she gave the same quality of care to her sister after the birth of her first baby. The love and care they learned from Shelley is now a legacy in this family.
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Program Investment

Your Personal Guide

Plan and prepare for a postpartum experience you will cherish for a lifetime!
  • Lifetime access to 25+ recipes and Shelley's methodology
  • Task lists, checklists, printable handouts, and guides​
  • Expert guidance every step of the way
  • On-call support from 0-40 days postpartum
  • Celebrate with Shelley on day 40!
  • Learn caregiving skills you will use for the rest of your life!


The ideal time to start this program is at the beginning of your third trimester, sometime between the 28th and 30th week of pregnancy. You can always get started earlier too! If you are starting later than 30 weeks, I will do my best to accelerate the program to ensure that you get all the prep work done by the time you reach your 37th week.
I have designed the preparation part of the program to take six weeks. There is a lot to learn about the needs of a postpartum mother, and there are many tasks that I will be assigned to you. Stretching it out over six weeks will make the process enjoyable and very low-stress. The goal is to have all the lessons done and the infrastructure in place by reaching your 36th week of pregnancy.

Yes, 25+ recipes are included.

Yes! I can customize it similar to a meal train, only way more specialized.