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The Postpartum Freezer Plan
14 Days Of Nourishment


The most common question I get is: “Can I freeze your recipes?”

The answer is “YES!”

I’ve listened to your concerns and created the eBook:

The Postpartum Freezer Plan
14 Days Of Nourishment

What's Inside the Postpartum Freezer Plan:

This ebook is your step-by-step guide for large-batch postpartum cooking + freezing. You no longer have to wonder what foods you should eat during the first 2 weeks after birth!


For the first time ever, Shelley reveals her Six Foundational Foods, the six most important foods postpartum mothers should eat every day. You will learn why these six foods support recovery and lactation…andhow to prepare and freeze them so they are easily accessible during postpartum.


By following the Daily Nourishment Guide and using the Step-by-step, Large-batch Recipe Freezer Guide, you will increase your likelihood of experiencing:


Here’s What You’ll Get: 👇