8 Benefits of Bone Broth for Postpartum Mothers

Homemade Bone Broth is my #1 go-to Postpartum SUPERFOOD! I always tell people, if you can only do ONE thing to prepare for a thriving postpartum experience…let it be this: MAKE + FREEZE BONE BROTH!

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1. Nutrient Replenishment

Bone broth is rich in essential nutrients like collagen, amino acids, and minerals, helping to replenish nutrient stores that have been depleted during pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnancy’s metabolic demands are akin to running a weekly marathon, totaling over 1,000 miles by childbirth. (1) Then, mothers top off all those marathons with yet another marathon: labor + birth! (2) Mother’s need easy-to-digest, nutrient-dense bone broth to restore and rejuvenate after running all those marathons!

2. Healing After Childbirth

The collagen in bone broth supports tissue repair and wound healing, which is beneficial for postpartum recovery, especially for mothers who have had cesareans or perineal tears. The iron and minerals in bone broth also contribute to replenishing blood lost when giving birth.

3. Maternal Brain Health

The maternal brain is undergoing massive changes. New neurons are being formed to teach her how to nurture her baby. Nutrients in bone broth support the growth of neurons and changes in the maternal brain, facilitating mental clarity and stability.

4. Hormone Balance

The amino acids in bone broth help support hormonal balance, which is important during the postpartum period when hormone levels fluctuate. This can aid in regulating mood and promoting emotional stability and groundedness.

5. Milk Production

Consuming bone broth supports lactation by providing important nutrients for high-quality breastmilk. Breastfeeding mothers may find that bone broth helps them produce an adequate milk supply.

6. Strengthens Digestion

The process of birthing a baby (or undergoing major surgery) compromises the mother’s digestion. Bone broth contains amino acids like glycine and proline, which are essential for strong digestion. A healthy gut lining is crucial for optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.

7. Hydration

Staying well-hydrated is essential during the postpartum period, especially for breastfeeding mothers. Bone broth provides hydration along with electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium, which help maintain fluid balance in the body.

8. Postpartum Hair + Skin Health

The collagen in bone broth promotes healthy hair growth and helps the mother’s skin regain its tautness.

Follow My Daily Bone Broth Protocol!

To ensure optimal postpartum recovery, I recommend my clients consume 16 ounces of my delicious bone broth daily, starting immediately after birth and continuing the first 40 days after birth. I call this approach the “16-Ounce Solution” because it prevents so many issues from arising. My Ebook, NURTURE YOU: 10 Easy Steps to a Happy + Healthy Postpartum, can guide you and your family in adopting this beneficial practice.

Whether enjoyed in a soup, stew, or sipped from a mug, my nutrient-rich bone broth recipes provide the essential baseline nutrients your body and brain to thrive. By making and freezing my recommended amount, your freezer will be stocked with a sufficient supply of bone broth to support your postpartum journey.

Recommended Amount

Making and freezing this amount will ensure you have enough bone broth to last you the first month after birth, if you follow the 16 Ounce Solution.

  • 1 large batch of Classic American Chicken
  • 1 large batch of Classic American Beef
  • 1 large batch of Ayurvedic Chicken
  • 1 large batch of Ayurvedic Beef

All of these recipes are available in each of my ebooks you can download, including my FREE EBOOK! You can also learn how to make my magical bone broth from my Bone Broth Youtube Tutorial Video!

Did you follow a bone broth protocol during your postpartum time? I’d love to hear about it! Please post in the comments below!

Shelley Rahim

Shelley Rahim

She is a Birth Doula, Birth Doula, Postpartum Caregiver and Postpartum Chef with over 17 years of experience nourishing and caring for families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum phase of motherhood.


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