Group Birth Story Listening Sessions

Welcome to the transformative world of Group Birth Story Listening Sessions, tailor-made for you if:

Sharing birth stories is a vital emotional process for mothers, but it often comes with unresolved trauma or difficult moments. This can make it challenging for both storytellers and listeners to navigate these narratives.

Here's where I step in!

With a wealth of experience facilitating Group Birth Story Listening circles for hundreds of mothers, I’ve witnessed profound healing and story integration. Guided by me, moms embark on a journey to find deeper meaning in their birth stories and develop the art of empathetic listening. This newfound skill becomes a gift they can extend to other mothers in their lives.

During a Group Birth Story Listening Session, I help the group revisit moments of their stories with creativity and insight. Through compassionate listening, genuine validation, and thoughtful questions, I guide the group in breaking free from old, unhealthy thought patterns and uncovering deeper realizations about themselves in relation to their birth experiences.

By the end of the Group Birth Story Listening™ Session, mothers will not only feel deeply heard but also inspired by each other. They will discover unity in the strength and power within themselves, forging deeper bonds within the collective experience.

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I'd be honored to join one of your meetings and facilitate a Group Birth Story Listening circle!