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Group Birth Story Listening Sessions

The Group Birth Story Listening Sessions are perfect for you if:

Sharing birth stories is very important; it’s how moms emotionally integrate their experiences. The only problem is that most birth stories have unresolved trauma or difficult moments, causing the storyteller to relive that moment as it’s being shared. It can be challenging for the story-listeners to know what to say or how to hold space for the mother.
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This is how I can help!

I have facilitated Group Birth Story Listening circles for hundreds of mothers, and together, with my guidance, moms have experienced healing and integration of their stories. Through this group birth story listening process, mothers find deeper meaning in their birth stories and learn how to listen to birth stories. They will be able to model this and offer support to other mothers in their lives.
In a Group Birth Story Listening Session, I will help the group review moments of their stories in creative, fresh, and insightful ways. Through compassionate listening, genuine validation, and thoughtful questions, I support the group navigate their way out of old, unhealthy thought patterns (such as self-blame) and deeper realizations about themselves in relation to their birth experience.

“Turn your suffering into art. Turn your art into awareness. Turn your awareness into action.”

–Gabrielle Roth
Together, we will literally turn suffering into art by exploring birth stories with new and creative modalities enabling mothers to experience resolution and personal healing.
At the end of the Group Birth Story Listening™ Session, mothers will not only feel deeply heard, but they will also have gained inspiration from each other. They will feel united in the strength and power they discovered in themselves, and the collective wholeness they experience will deepen their bonds with each other.
I’d be honored to attend one of your meetings and facilitate a Group Birth Story Listening circle!
Schedule a 30-minute free consultation with Shelley to see if your mom’s group would benefit from Shelley’s Group Birth Story Listening Session.