First Meal After Birth

Did you know that the first meal after birth is the most important meal of your life?

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I refer to this meal as the “Pivotal Moment Meal” Here’s WHY:

Because there are 3 critical junctures merging in the mother’s body at the same time.

Critical Juncture #1: The End of Pregnancy

Research has proven that the energy expenditure of nine months of pregnancy is equivalent to running 40 marathons (26.2 miles per marathon). (1) That’s nearly 2,000 miles during pregnancy! (2) Then the mother tops off all those marathons with another marathon, labor and birth. At this juncture, the mother’s body is working hard to heal birth injuries or major surgery, replenish lost blood and stabilize hormone levels.

  • These activities require fuel. Fuel comes from the food she eats.

Critical Juncture #2: Massive Brain Changes

The birthing process triggers significant changes in a mother’s brain, something neuroscientists call “neuroplasticity.” (3) The changes are more profound than at any other phase of a woman’s life. Her brain is rewiring itself to nurture and care for new life. Adequate nourishment is essential during this critical period to support the creation of new neurons and neural pathways, thus contributing to her mental well-being.

  • Proper nourishment is essential to support the creation of new neurons and neural pathways

Critical Juncture #3: Transitioning From Gestation to Lactation

After running all those marathons, the mother doesn’t get a break, her body keeps on running because producing colostrum and breastmilk is metabolically comparable to running 7 miles per day. The hormonal shifts during this transition are intense, as her body recalibrates from growing a baby to sustaining a baby through breastmilk. It’s like a tsunami of hormones are raging through her body after childbirth.

  • Optimal nutrition is paramount to sustain lactation, regulate hormones and support overall well-being. 

No Nutritional Standards In American Hospitals

Sadly, American maternity wards lack nutritional standards for postpartum mothers, often providing low-nutrient processed foods to mothers after birth, or no food at all if the birth occurs after cafeteria hours.

Check out these first meal after birth photos from my Instagram followers.

👇Look what this mama was given immediately after birth👇

You need high-quality nutrition after birth!

As a birth doula, I’ve witnessed firsthand the unpreparedness surrounding this crucial meal. To address this issue, I created a solution by providing nourishing meals for my clients immediately after birth.

The 8 recipes included in my FREE EBOOK, Post-Birth Recovery Meal Plan, are tailored to aid in recovery, balance hormones, support milk production, soothe the nerves and provide emotional grounding. I’ve fed this meal to hundreds of clients and they THRIVE!

You can, too!

Here’s a glimpse of the magical menu transforming postpartum experiences in America:

  • Bone Broth: Essential for tissue repair, protein replenishment, and brain health.
  • Congee with Ghee and Turmeric: Supports wound healing and milk production.
  • Dilled Vegetables with Ghee: Provides fiber, nutrients, and lactation support.
  • Stewed Fruits: Promotes healthy bowel movements and boosts blood supply.
  • Banana-Almond Chocolate Chip Lactation Mini-Muffins: Nurturing comfort food and supports lactation.
  • Sunshine Oatmeal: Enhances lactation and supports digestion.
  • CCF Tea: Aids digestion, healing from birth, and enhances lactation.
  • Turmeric Lactation Chai: Facilitates milk production and aids in post-birth recovery.

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Shelley Rahim

Shelley Rahim

She is a Birth Doula, Birth Doula, Postpartum Caregiver and Postpartum Chef with over 17 years of experience nourishing and caring for families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum phase of motherhood.


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