Easily Nourish Yourself the First Two Weeks After Birth with the 6 Most Essential Foods You Need to Thrive!
(even if you can't cook)

The Postpartum Freezer Plan

Ever wonder WHAT to cook for a postpartum mom, HOW good nutrition supports her healing and the BEST foods for breastmilk production? This cookbook offers all of this and so much more!

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About this Cookbook

A compilation of postpartum recipes Shelley created during her decade long career caring for new mothers.

Shelley’s recipes have roots in Ayurveda while satisfying the western palette and digestive system.

Shelley has created a revolutionary new way to nourish postpartum mothers.



About the Author

Shelley Rahim, Ayurvedic Postpartum Chef, has been cooking “Ayurvedic” style cuisine for over 30 years. Shelley spent her entire adult life learning how to cook Southeast Asian food from her late Pakistani Mother-in-law.


Shelley’s advanced training with Sacred Window Studies as an Ayurvedic Postpartum Caregiver was the perfect compliment to the cooking skills that were passed on to her by her Pakistani Mother-in-law. 

Each one of Shelley’s recipes has been mother-tested and approved by the postpartum clients Shelley has served during their first 40 days after birth.


Shelley’s style of postpartum cooking is an authentic blend of East Indian flavor and Ayurvedic wisdom merged with a traditional Western palette. Each of her recipes are infused with love, wisdom and a deep reverence for every mother.

Shelley Rahim Postpartum Chef in Kitchen