Family Postpartum Caregiving

Coming September 2023!

Go from stressed out about thinking about postpartum to excited about it!

NMC courses, guidebook and cookbook take the mystery out of postpartum planning.

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Postpartum Caregiving Course

Coming September 2023

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Deepen your caregiving skills by learning exactly what the needs are of a mother after she gives birth; physically, emotionally, nutritionally and psychologically.

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About your Guide - Shelley Rahim

I’m a mother of three, and I have been caring for new mothers for over a decade. I understand their needs and how to meet those needs so that the new mother can rest, heal and enjoy her transition into motherhood.

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In this information-packed e-course based on many years of experience helping hundreds of women heal after birth, you will learn how to:

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You can enjoy your postpartum!

What You Get:


Everything you need to know to prepare for postpartum.

This course is will teach you and your caregivers WHY caring for a new mother is important and HOW to provide high-quality, loving care. I take the guesswork out by providing every detail of what you need to to know to create an absolutely AMAZING postpartum experience.

Module 1:

Nourishment– Why, What and How to Feed A New Mother

Postpartum mothers require a very specialized diet. Learn about the postpartum digestive system and how to nourish a mother, rebuild energy, replenish lost nutrients and help her body produce breastmilk.

Module 2:

Touch– Belly Binding and Massage

Traditions all over the world have used massage and belly binding to support the healing process after birth. Learn why this practice is so important and HOW to massage and bind a new mother.​

Module 3:

Rest– How To Optimize Rest

Infrastructure is required in order for a new mother to receive adequate rest. Learn why rest is vital and how to prepare your family and the home environment for maximum rest during the fourth trimester.

Module 4:

Listen– How to Offer Emotional Support

Learn about the psychological challenges of the transition into motherhood and how you can hold space for the mother as she process the difficult moments of her birth and postpartum journey.

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