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Birth Story Listening Sessions

The Birth Story Listening Sessions are perfect for you if:

Virtual Postpartum Caregiving Support
Every birth has moments that are beautiful and moments that are challenging. Regardless of how smooth or traumatic your birth was, many great lessons are waiting to be excavated from these moments.
When difficult moments are left unprocessed, eventually, the mother can attach negative meaning to them that may stem from a feeling of failure or shame. This shame can negatively influence her new self-identity as a mother.
When challenging moments are mindfully processed during the postpartum time (or even later in life), the mother can discover deep strength and wisdom, which can be integrated into her new identity and positively impact her self-confidence.
Telling your story over and over to a friend may not be enough for you to feel a sense of resolution and peace.  With the guidance of a skilled birth story mentor, you will review your story in new and fresh ways.
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Meet Shelley Rahim

I’m a Birth Story Listener™, and I help mothers process and integrate their birth stories.
Through compassionate listening, genuine validation, and thoughtful questions, I help you navigate your way out of old, unhealthy thought patterns (such as self-blame) and deeper realizations about yourself in relation to your birth experience.

“Turn your suffering into art. Turn your art into awareness. Turn your awareness into action.”

–Gabrielle Roth
We will turn suffering into art by exploring your birth story with new and creative modalities enabling you to experience resolution and personal healing.
Birth Story Listening™ Sessions are highly therapeutic and effective, but they are not therapy. They are more akin to going to a wise woman or maternal elder in your village and seeking counsel.
After your Birth Story Listening™ Session with Shelley, you will feel deeply heard and may also be able to look at what happened in a new and more compassionate way.

What does a Birth Story Listening Session include?

Who can benefit from a Birth Story Listening Session?


birth story listening sessions
Shelley has helped hundreds of mothers, partners, doulas, and midwives reframe their birth stories for over a decade.
Shelley learned the art of Birth Story Listening ™ from Pam England, former midwife, childbirth educator, best-selling author, and founder of Birth Story Medicine ® (formerly known as Birth Story Listening™). Over the past 20 years, Pam England has developed and refined the Birth Story Medicine Philosophy and created The Birth Story School, training hundreds of people in birth story listening.

Session Investment

Birth Story Listening Sessions

$ 100
  • Our one-on-one Zoom session will last approximately 90 minutes.


“With Shelley’s guidance, I was able to process, learn, and heal more in two hours than I had in the previous two years. Her approach and style of communication is gentle and kind, but powerful and effective. I left our session feeling like an enormous emotional weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much, Shelley.”

- Valerie

“It was amazing the change in my perception from the time I walked in her door to the time I left two hours later. I now realize what a birth warrior I truly was and how every decision I made benefitted my son. I feel my baby and I have a much stronger bond now and I am able to enjoy him so much more and on a deeper level. Thank you Shelley for helping this mama heal! I highly recommend Shelley and a birth story medicine session to any mommy who is grieving the birth she didn’t get, but wanted.”

- Marisa

“I feel like I can breathe again.”

- Kristen