Birth Story Listening Sessions​

Are you longing to share your birth story with someone who truly understands its intricacies?

Imagine sharing your story with an expert well-versed in birth trauma, capable not only of supporting emotional healing, but also helping you transform a potentially shameful narrative into one filled with self-compassion and pride.

In a Birth Story Listening session with Shelley, you’ll experience a profound sense of being heard, understood, and validated. More importantly, you’ll gain fresh insights into your story, leaving the session with a newfound sense of ownership and pride in your unique journey.

Whether your birth experience was marked by trauma or unfolded smoothly, your story holds rich wisdom and untapped self-discovery. Shelley has empowered hundreds of mothers, partners, and birth professionals, helping them find strength where there was weakness, pride where there was shame, and self-compassion where there was once self-judgment.

Let Shelley guide you in reshaping your narrative.
Discover your inherent power, regardless of your birth outcome.

Shelley can help you discover…

Your Birth Story Listening Session Includes:

$ 100
Client Love

Words From Our Thriving Mothers

Allow Shelley to assist you in piecing together the fragments of your story, emerging from this profound, transformative life experience with self-compassion, pride, and wisdom.