Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Service

Serving families in San Diego, California since 2007

Experience the Essence of Ayurvedic Postpartum Care

Every woman deserves a nurturing companion, a guiding light, and a dedicated caregiver during the profound journey of the first 40 days after childbirth. Shelley’s personalized postpartum care embodies both practical support and tender care that every new mother deserves.

With a wealth of experience as a Postpartum Caregiver, Postpartum Chef, and Birth Doula since 2007, Shelley is committed to nurturing mothers and families. Her mission is to ensure that mothers embark on their motherhood journey feeling cherished, well-nourished, and supported.

Shelley’s postpartum caregiving services offer daily holistic care, providing woman-to-woman nurturing through nourishment, emotional understanding, energetic restoration, loving care, and above all…love!

In Indian postpartum traditions, it’s believed that how a mother is cared for in the first 40 days after birth profoundly impacts the next 40 years of her life. A healthy mother is the cornerstone of a healthy family. The transition from pregnancy to postpartum brings rapid changes on every level, coupled with the demanding needs of a newborn. Without adequate support, a mother may face overwhelm and mental exhaustion, leading to postpartum depression.

With Shelley’s dedicated care and nourishment, you will be treated like the queen you are! Experience deep rest, indulge in nourishing, freshly prepared meals tailored to your body’s needs, and receive emotional support, understanding, and validation. Entrust yourself to Shelley, an experienced postpartum chef, expert in postpartum massage and belly binding, and a true wise woman who deeply comprehends the needs of new mothers.

Shelley’s Daily Ayurvedic Postpartum Care Service includes:

and much more!

Drawing from years of expertise, Shelley has meticulously developed a comprehensive postpartum care method that is both effective and deeply nurturing. Witness the success of this method in the families she has supported, where postpartum challenges are met with resilience, and mothers thrive, emerging from their first 40 days strong, emotionally grounded, and deeply bonded with their babies.

Shelley eagerly anticipates the opportunity to serve you during your sacred postpartum time! Every mother deserves to be tenderly guided through this transformative life passage.

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